Why do I choose to be sexually pure?

by Rachel

11476_521579657900946_966902439_nEver since I was little, I’ve been taught that sexual intimacy is to be between a man and woman sealed in the power of marriage. An intimate relationship within marriage is something very special and important. It helps a husband and wife express love and tenderness and also to bring children into the world. It is a part of marriage that should be personal and held with deep regard.

The world has a much different view of sexuality. TV, music, movies, the Internet often promote the idea that sexual intimacy is casual. That no commitment is necessary and that “everyone is doing it”. What should be respected and special often becomes cheap and distorted.

I’ve chosen to wait until I am married to experience sexual intimacy. Besides the fact that I will be older and more mature, I want to share that part of life with only one other person, my future husband.

I believe that refraining from sexual activity is a choice. Some teenagers think that they lose track of their emotions and can’t control what they do. I find this insulting because every one of us has the power to choose. We have control over our own minds and bodies. We should keep ourselves out of situations that would put us at risk of going too far. I once heard a story about a pilot who was given strict instructions to not fly near the tips of the trees because one little hit could be disastrous. This pilot set a limit to keep himself 500 feet away from the trees to be safe. Instead of pushing the limits, he decided to set a standard. I believe that it is the same way with sexual purity. Instead of asking what you can and can’t do, only participate in actions that you would feel comfortable doing in front of your parents or leaders. Secrecy is never good. One of my favorite quotes is, “If you don’t want anyone to find out about it, don’t do it.” If you ever feel like you have to hide something, that’s the Spirit telling you that you shouldn’t do it.

For the Strength of Youth clearly states to not do anything that would tempt or arouse those types of feelings in yourself or in anyone else. Don’t participate in any form of pornography. Pornography is anything that arouses inappropriate feelings or emotions. This includes music, images, affection, words, etc. Don’t treat anyone as an object used to fulfill lustful desires.

Keeping the law of chastity keeps you clean and worthy to enter the temple which is essential to live with God again. This commandment isn’t there to restrict us, it’s to keep us safe. To engage in sexual sin at this age can lead to heartbreak, pregnancy, and even serious diseases. It can completely ruin your life.

Sex is supposed to be special and is to be shared with the person of your dreams after you are lawfully wedded as husband and wife. Any buts, ifs, and why nots can destroy one of the most sacred and extraordinary gifts God has given us.

Sister Elaine S. Dalton has said, “Virtuous young men are attracted to virtuous young women.” (and vice versa) I promise you that if you choose to stay sexually pure you will thank your future self in the long run. Don’t put yourself in harmful or tempting situations. Make the decision NOW to stay clean.

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  1. Mildred Reply

    You are wise beyond your years. This wisdoms shows and makes you beautiful inside and out. You will never regret this decision. Hold on to it.

  2. Lee Hillman Reply

    What a powerful and articulate article. I love your positive support for this most important principle. Thank you!

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