How to Play Offense Against Evil

By Tommy

Satan is hard at work trying to bring us to his misery, and he is really, really good at it. He has control over so many people, and lots don’t even know it. I loved Whitney’s blog about the Armor of God (if you haven’t read it, do it now, it’s really good). Defending against evil is extremely important, but there’s also ways to play offense. Whitney’s post talked about the sword of the Holy Ghost, and its role as the most lethal weapon with which Heavenly Father has equipped us.

In my church’s youth program called Primary, I was always told about the still small voice, they said that the Holy Ghost will tell you things in your heart, but I never understood it. Years later I finally understand what it is. The Doctrine and Covenants explain it as a burning in your bosom; an undeniable feeling of peace that you can’t shake off.

When I was at Youth Conference last year, we were reenacting the Book of Mormon. One night, we saw people walking down a path, and I had no idea what was going on. We all were walking about a half a mile to a large clearing. After sitting there awhile, we heard a strong voice say, “This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, hear Him. The voice repeated itself three times, then a light turned pointing down at a clearing where we saw a man in white clothes walking towards us. When He got to us, we all knew that it was Christ, (well, it really was an actor, but I felt like it was). I had the most intense feeling of peace and joy in my heart and I got teary eyed as He taught us.

When I had that feeling, I had no desire for sin, temptations lost all their power, all that I wanted was praise Christ and bring others this amazing feeling. I had never felt the Spirit that strong in my entire life, but I still feel it when I hear talks and watch Mormon Messages. It’s the undeniable feeling of the Spirit. The feeling is always there, we just need to recognize it, and when we do, Satan has no power over us. The Spirit is the strongest weapon we have to destroy Satan and his followers. When we learn to harness that weapon and constantly train with it, we will become the most powerful force for God; unstoppable missionaries and humble servants.

Learning to harness and recognize the Spirit is hard, but worth the effort. It’s important to seek places where you feel the Spirit. For me, I read stories on and listen to conference talks. By giving talks and writing blogs, I feel like I learn more than my readers do. Reading the scriptures is probably the strongest way to train with the Spirit, but you need to search for the meaning in those verses, and the truths within the truth.

I know that life is hard. Giving into temptation is a lot easier than resisting. But I also have a firm testimony that our goal to return to our Heavenly Father is worth the hardships, and that if we listen to the Holy Ghost we cannot fail.

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