Who is Your Best Friend?

By: Ben T.

Almost everyone has friends they are close to and with whom they share many experiences.  The ideal friend is loyal, trustworthy, happy, caring, and many other things.  You want people with these qualities in your life.  In order to have friends you need to be a good friend.   It’s a two way deal that requires your effort.

Our earthly best friends are great, but nothing can compare to our Father in Heaven.  He would give you that last piece of candy, bring you a Slurpee when you’re feeling down, or lend you His time to help you with a chore. He even sacrificed Himself so that one day you could be reunited.  Your friendship with Christ is special and something worthy of your time and energy to build and strengthen. He does so much for you so why can’t you do things for Him?


Just like normal friends He will see your effort and appreciate it. When trials hit me I know I can talk to Him and He’ll be there to comfort me.  He loves to listen to you so tell Him how you’re feeling.  Cherish this relationship and rely on Him when you’re feeling down, or tell Him when you’re happy.  He is always listening and loves you very much.

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  1. Dusty Dastrup Reply

    Very well said Ben. We all should be more willing to become better friends with our Savior.

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