Making Tough Choices

By Karli

Have you ever had a tough decision and the best choice was not obvious? I have.  I am a senior in high school which means that I have to choose which college I want to attend this fall. Until recently I was set on going to a university, getting out of the house and rooming with my best friend so I could have the total college experience.

One Sunday afternoon I was talking to my dad and I got this feeling that my definition of the total college experience just wasn’t what was best for me right now. I prayed about it to my Heavenly Father and I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to serve a mission for my church the best choice for me would be to go to the community college near my house. I have followed that prompting and will begin attending the community college this fall. I know that I made the right choice and that my Heavenly Father was with me through the whole process.

When I have big decisions in my life I always try to choose the one that is consistent with what the Lord wants for me. Elder Richard G. Scott, an apostle of the Lord and leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints said, “When faced with choices, you select the path consistent with the teachings of the Savior.” When I align my choices with promptings I receive from the Holy Ghost,  I am happier with the choice I make and I never doubt my decision. I always pray about my decision. I never ask Heavenly Father what to do, I always ask if what I am doing is right. I get a better answer when I ask if I am doing the right thing rather than when I ask what to do. I know that the Lord always wants what’s best for me and if you trust that he will let you know the best decision then you will be more willing to accept the Lords advice even if the decision is not the one you were hoping for.

I know that when you are doing what is right and keeping the Lord in all your decisions you will be happier. You will know with all your heart that the Lord loves you and wants what is best for you. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints shares the true and everlasting gospel. I love the gospel and all the happiness it brings into my life. I am so blessed every day by living the teachings of the gospel. I know that as I keep the Lord in my decisions I will be able to choose the path that is best for me.

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  1. Aric Muhlestein Reply

    I am so proud of the woman you have become. I know the lord will bless you in your life.

  2. Marilyn Barlow Reply

    Spot on Karli. Learning this important message to follow the Spirit will never lead you wrong. Good advise.

  3. Dusty Dastrup Reply

    You’re found at a young age how to make wise and correct decisions. Your life will only be made better by staying with the choices you’ve already found.

  4. Jlee Reply

    It never seizes to amaze me that when the Heavenly Father wants to drive a point home, He will make it very clear and transparent for you to see. Today I was reading my own personal daily reading and came across Phil 2:13. NWT For God is the one who for the sake of his good pleasure energizes you, giving you both the desire and the power to act.

    For the last month or so, I have been hit with a very humbling situation where I knew I had to go to prayer and ask not only for the strength and patience to get through this changing of paths but for clarity. As you mentioned in your article, I needed to ask the Father not what to do but rather is what I am doing the direction He wants for me? Will it bring glory to Him? This scripture reminded me once again to be present with the LORD and seek him not only when I am in need but all of my days and my willpower to make the right choices will become stronger because of Him and his direction.

    Then I had a thought to search Google to see if anyone has started a blog with the words Simple Truths and up came your blog. The first thing that hit me was the title and picture you choose for this posting. Isn’t it the perfect depiction? You see the changing of rails and instantly feel like chaos of not making the right choice. By deception the outcome appears to be going in the same direction forward, but deep down you know there is only one track that will take you to the destination you are meant to go in. If only you knew the designer of the route and met the men who laid the rails, then the choice would be very easy.

    In your case Karli, and in mine we have been blessed with the knowledge to accept and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit of our Heavenly Father even when our imperfect selves think we can do it alone. Experiences have taught us to know that we truly can’t with out Him. He must be our guiding light.

    I look forward to continuing to watch your journey from afar and pray that you continue to touch people, as you did for me today, in the many steps you continue to take. God Bless.


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