Keeping Your Phone Temptation Free

By Tommy

The internet is a scary place. With only two clicks you can find tons of pornography, you can say and read terrible things, or waste hours of your life watching cat videos. Every time you turn on your phone, you are only inches away from these dangers.  But I have found a really easy way to instantly build a wall against you and the evil that can reach you through your smart phone.

I suggest setting an image of Christ as a wallpaper on your phone. Simple as that. There’s tons of beautiful art waiting to inspire you and teach of the Savior’s life. Just find one you like and every time you turn on your computer or phone, you’ll be reminded of his love and grace. If the Savior was looking over my shoulder every time I used my computer, there would be no way I would ever be tempted by pornography. Well, Christ actually is looking over your shoulder all the time, and seeing His image on your phone is a great reminder that He is caring and watching over you. Just try it! I know you will feel a difference.

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  1. Mark Reply

    Tommy, what great, simple advice! There is likely nothing I look at more frequently during the day than my phone. The Savior always remembers us, and your suggestion will help us to remember Him.

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