This Easter morning, the missionaries of Small and Simple Truths invite you to rejoice in the blessings that are yours #BecauseHeLives:


#BecauseHeLives I can live forever with the greatest blessing the Lord has given me: My Family. ~Kaity



#BecauseHeLives Because He lives He has given me the opportunity to live with my family again. It is my responsibility to utilize the blessing of being a big sister and be the best example I can be. I’m so thankful that He sent us here is families. They help me feel closer to my Savior and realize how desperately we need Him in our lives. ~Rachel



#BecauseHeLives Because Christ lives, He knows me. He knows my wants, my likes, my dislikes, everything. He understands me so well, and because of that, He knows how to help guide me through my life. I know that He lives! ~Lincoln

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  1. Mark Reply

    #BecauseHeLives it changes everything…
    I am so grateful for everything He has done for me.

  2. Kerri Reply

    Because He lives I have purpose and meaning and so do you! Jesus Christ is my brother and yours, and we have parents in heaven who love us dearly. Because He lives we have everything to live for.

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