My Future as a Father

By Ben

People always say  high school is the best time of your life and you should enjoy it while you can. Lately, more than ever, I’m think this could be true.

Last weekend I heard a talk during LDS General Conference by Larry M. Gibson.  The talk was about fatherhood.  He told a story about competing with his sons in a 50/20 competition–walking 50 miles in less than 20 hours.  They all completed it and when they got home both sons collapsed in exhaustion.  He then asked the younger son if he was okay.  His son replied saying he would never do that again… unless his son wanted to.  This response got my attention.

Elder Gibson went on to say, “May we each enjoy the fullness of Father’s blessings in this life and the fulfillment of His work and His glory by becoming fathers to our families for eternity.”

I know I am nowhere near ready for fatherhood, but I still look forward to becoming the father of my own family someday. As each of us prepares to eventually become a parent, we should cherish and soak up as much info as we can from the fatherly figures in our lives.  I am blessed to have a great father in my life who leads by example. When things break in the household he always makes an attempt to fix it–the amount of time he is fixing stuff is relentless! (Whether or not it actually ends up working again is a different story.)  I hope to learn from his example and apply it to my family as well.

The work to become the father you want to be and one that you envision starts now. Just like anything else becoming a great parent takes time and effort. You will eventually find a woman that is special to you in every way and with whom you will want to spend eternity. Let’s be conscious about our decisions and how they could affect our future. If we do, I testify we will feel true happiness now and as we grow into our futures.

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