The Power of Music

By Guest blogger Spencer Wood

whitguest1This summer I went to the Dominican Republic for a humanitarian trip. During our travels our HEFY group went on a catamaran tour and visited some incredible places. Near the end, our tour guides, who didn’t speak any English, turned on music and taught us to dance. Although we could not understand each other, we had a blast and made some new friends.

Music impacts everyone and allows us to connect with others. It allows us to be creative and express ourselves. Music is very important to my family and me.

There was a time a few years back when I asked my mom why we sang hymns at every church meeting. She explained each hymn is a unique testimony given by the author and composer, and that whenever we sing them we can use the testimonies within the music to strengthen our own.

I testify that music can allow us to be more receptive to the holy ghost and its teachings. Music is something that unites us and brings us closer to Christ.



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