Land of the Free

By Ben

This Fourth of July I spent some time pondering the greatness of the United States of America. My mom is a Japanese citizen and she has decided she wants to become an American citizen.  As I watch her study hard for the citizenship test, I’m seeing with new eyes that living in this country is such a privilege.  Surprisingly, I had never heard of some of the things in her study materials! It makes me want to learn about the past and care for the future by doing things now.

I thought about this also because of an app on my phone that tells me about current events in the world.  It shows short videos of people participating in special events in their countries.  Of course, the Fourth of July was one of the featured events.  I quickly looked at some of the videos but then noticed another.  It read, “Greece Voting” and I was curious.  I clicked on it and it quickly explained the hardships Greece is going through. The people in the video, although happy, seemed apprehensive about the future of their country.

This helped me appreciate my homeland even more.  Although my country has its share of problems, it is nothing compared to some.  I know the U.S. is chosen by God to do special things.  We are part of His plan. In fact, every nation has a part to play in God’s plan. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to keep the planet a pleasant place to live for the present and the future.  And while it may seem a big thing for a nation to make a difference in the world, it all starts with us. Each one of us can make a difference in our homes, communities, nations and the world if we open our eyes and learn from the past so we can create a better future.

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