Choosing Happiness

By Karli

One of my best friends has chosen to serve a two-year LDS mission.  Recently, he spoke in church. He talked all out choosing to be happy and how we could always be happy. His topic really stuck out to me because I realized how true it was.

We choose every day whether or not we are going to be happy. He said, “Every day may not be a good day but there is good in every day.” As I thought about this I realized that even on my worst of days there is always at least one good thing that happened that day. Even though the day as a whole may not have been my best day, maybe I did well on a test or a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while reached out to me–choosing to be happy about little things can change your whole attitude.


It is our choice whether or not we are going to make the bad things or good things that happen affect our attitudes. LDS apostle Elder Joseph Wirthlin said in his October 2008 general conference address, Come What May, and Love It, “The way we react to adversity can be a major factor in how happy and successful we can be in life.” This statement from Elder Wirthlin taught me how important it is to have a good attitude in everything I do because that is how I am going to show my success and be a happier person. Elder Withlin’s talk is one of my very favorite talks, so if there is ever a time you need to be reminded on how to be happy then I would suggest to listen or read this talk.

I know the church is true and I cannot wait to go on a mission and share the gospel that I love with those who are in need of it. I know that being happy is a choice and I am going to make my choice to be happy every day. I hope you will, too.


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  1. MarJean Muhlestein Reply

    Hey love your thoughts on happiness. When you go on your mission you will find those “not so good” moments, but there are plenty of the happy moments too. When you find people that will listen to your message and they become members of the church, those will be your best moments and best day ever for them too!! I’ve been there done that. Love you Karli
    Gramma “M”

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