Who is Your Role Model?

By Ben T.

Everyone has someone that they want to be like whether it is your father, mother, or even a favorite athlete.  I like to think of these people as role models.  The definition of a role model is, “a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.”

When I think of role models in my life, my parents are the first to come to mind.  I then think of big name sport stars that I’ve always looked up to.  After that, I think of my coaches I try so hard to imitate as they tell me things to help me improve.  Imagine having one of those big name stars or someone you look up to be right by your side telling you what to do to improve yourself all the time.  You would surely listen to them, right?

I’ve had great coaches throughout my life.  My goal is to go to the Olympics in short track speed skating. Recently,  I have been coached by Derek Parra, a gold medalist at the 2002 Olympic Games, and  Son Lin Lin, a gold medalist from China.  They have so much knowledge to share just because they have experienced things I am going through and have yet to go through.  I try to recognize people like this in my life and soak up all of their experience as I work to reach my full potential.

I’ve also realized our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the most perfect role models and we should try to imitate all their examples have taught us.  Fortunately, they are with us always and know every single thing we are going through.  We can talk to them anytime we want through prayer and, luckily, they are thoroughly interested and love us more than anyone.  I know if I strive to be like these role models in my life I will become someone that I’m proud of and hopefully pass on these traits to those around me as well.

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  1. Sheldon Reply

    With so many acting as role models it is very important to pick wisely. Thanks Ben.

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