Up to Me: Keeping the Spirit In My Home

By Jentri

I don’t always get along with my family. I often fight with my siblings and that takes the spirit out of my home. So how can we bring the spirit into our homes and always have it there?

I find when my family does the simple things: family scripture study, prayer, family home evening, etc., we feel the spirit.  I also feel the spirit when I help my parents or siblings even when they don’t ask. When I have a good attitude about things like cleaning my room, my family is happier and so am I. Happiness is the goal and the key! If we can be happy and have good attitudes, it provides a better environment and it will be easier for the Spirit to come and stay in our homes.

What are you willing to do to invite the Spirit into your home?  What can you do to make your home a holy place?Don’t underestimate your influence. You can make a difference for your family. Check out this video for some great ideas:




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  1. KB Reply

    Thank you for your great message! I am going to share your words and video in my Sunday School class this week. Thanks Jentri!

  2. Mark Reply

    Thank you for the reminder Jentri! If my home is going to be a better place, it is up to me to see what I can do. Thank you for this great blog.

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