The Power of Positivity

By Megan

A few months ago I really began to notice how negative our world is.  I watched as people were being put down and made fun for who they were.  It wasn’t just on social media, either.  I realized that it happened physically, too.  I watched as the words were taken personally, and how much they hurt.  I wanted to do something about it, so I did.

I came up with this idea to share positive quotes on Facebook as often as I could.  I didn’t do it for the Likes.  I did it for people to see.  With all of the negativity that is constantly being posted, I thought social media could use a little positivity.  As time went on, I began receiving messages from all kinds of people.  I would get messages anywhere from, “I liked this quote”, to a whole explanation as to why they liked it or how it helped them.  As time went on, I began feeling happy that I was making a difference, even if it was small.

In August 2014, Elder Bednar gave a talk about sweeping the earth as with a flood.  In his talk, he talks about the technology the Lord has blessed us with today.  Elder Bednar says, “The Lord is hastening His work, and it is no coincidence that these powerful communication innovations and inventions are occurring in the dispensation of the fullness of times.”  Elder Bednar goes on to say, “Social media channels are global tools that can personally and positively impact large numbers of individuals and families.”  We live in a day and age where social media is a constant part of our lives.  Much of our spare time is spent liking photos, going through newsfeeds and posting all sorts of things.  Social media can be used in bad ways, but it can also be used in good ways.

Over the past few months of doing these positive quotes, I’ve noticed that I’ve been happy, and I’ve made other people happy.  I realized making a difference doesn’t have to be big. I don’t have to come up with a new law or better education ideas to make a difference.  Even making a difference in your neighborhood is good.

Sister Elaine Dalton once said, “If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world.”  How can people make a difference in the world if they are just like it?

The power of positivity is important and it is great.  It makes all the difference in the world.  I believe that positivity is an essential part of being happy.  We can’t draw closer to our Father in Heaven if we are negative.  Negativity drives away the spirit while positivity brings it back.  Over the months I’ve learned that even a quote a day can put a smile on someone’s face.  I not only helped cheer others up, but I have been happy myself.

Being positive is choosing to be happy.  I’m glad I’ve made that decision.  Now whenever I hear the song, “Have I Done Any Good Today”, I always smile and know that I’m trying my best.

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  1. KB Reply

    Megan, you are making a difference! Keep up the great work! Thank you for your Christlike example!

  2. Mark Reply

    I really like this Megan. I agree that we can choose to be positive, and being positive and optimistic invites so many other good things into our life. Thanks for the reminder!

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