Lost and Found

By Kaitlyn

This past summer I had the opportunity to go to BYU Provo for a week and attend Especially For Youth (EFY), a church youth summer camp. While I was there a lot of great things happened to me: I met a ton of new friends, felt the spirit, and had my testimony strengthened. Unfortunately one not so good thing happened to me as well: I lost my scriptures.

For the rest of the week I searched everywhere for my scriptures. Every day I looked in the EFY lost and found, I looked in the BYU lost and found, I looked in all of my classes, I tore apart my dorm room and my luggage, I cried, I prayed, I cried some more, I asked other people for help, I asked my Heavenly Father to help me numerous times and yet I was still left empty handed and could not find them. I went home without my scriptures and I was so upset. Even from home I called the BYU lost and found for weeks after that. I had used those scriptures since I had been baptized. It had all of my markings and book marks in it from youth conferences, young women’s camps, church every week, three years of seminary teachings, and personal study. They were dear to my heart and they meant so much to me. I still feel lost without them.

Now imagine with me for a second that your scriptures are gone, but not just your copy. Imagine that all copies of scriptures are gone. Your book isn’t in your scripture bag anymore. Your copy isn’t laying in the seminary cabinets. You open up your phone and the gospel library app does not exist. The missionaries no longer have a pile of Book of Mormons sitting in their apartment ready to hand out. There are no copies of New Testaments. No copies of Old Testaments. The Bible is gone. No copies of the Book of Mormon. No more incredibly long Alma’s to read. No more record of Jesus Christ’s life or death. The prophets teachings are all lost. God’s commandments are no longer recorded. All of your favorite stories, heroes, and verses now lay merely in your memory. Do you remember these stories? Do you remember their teachings? Have you even read them?

How would you feel? Would you feel lost without the scriptures?

Elder LeGrand Richards said “If we didn’t have the holy scriptures, what would we know about our Father in Heaven and His great love that gave us his Only Begotten Son? What would we know about his Son and his great atoning sacrifice, and the gospel that he has given us, the pattern of life to live by, and the principles of where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going? Without a knowledge of those things, we would be like a ship upon the ocean without a rudder or sail or anything to guide it. We might keep afloat, but we would never come into port.”

I am so grateful for the scriptures. I may have lost my copy, but how lucky am I to be able to just go buy another one? I have a testimony of the value of the scriptures. They are true and they are priceless. I know that the scriptures can bring comfort to your life and answers to the questions that may be on your mind. Let us all try to treat the scriptures the way we would if we knew that they would be gone the next morning.

P.S. if anyone has seen a small blue quad with a gold bookmark in it let me know. lol 😉

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  1. KB Reply

    I was 17 the first time that I truly turned to the scriptures for help with a problem. I have never forgotten that powerful experience. Thank you Kaitlyn, for your reminder of how blessed we are to have scriptures in our daily lives.

    Also, to all the kids who write for this blog- thank you! Your goodness and strength are inspiring.

  2. Jenny O. Reply

    L❤️ve this post. I’m so sorry to hear about your lost scriptures. I understand why that copy is so special to you. However, starting fresh, adding new notes and exploring a clean copy will force you to dig deep and I think you will find new impressions and insight. Thanks for sharing your goodness.

  3. Mark Reply

    Great post Kaity! Yes, I would feel lost without the scriptures. Thank you for the reminder of role they play in my life.

  4. Summer J Reply

    Reading the scriptures is my biggest weakness, and I am so grateful for your example. Because of this post I am going to be better at reading my scriptures and remembering those stories. Thank you for sharing this and for your amazing spirit and testimony. ❤ watching you & your sister grow up to be such amazing woman has been such a blessing.

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