Our Longing for Proof

By Isaac

We live in a world of growth. With technological advancements running rampant, our society has developed a new attitude: a need for proof. People require proof of something before they can believe in it. This is good for us! With everyone needing a sense of truth to everything they believe, it has become easy to weed out incorrect statements and ideas. It has become easier in some instances to sort out what’s true and what’s false.

As good as this longing for proof may be, a great deal of people have been incorrectly applying it to the belief in a God. Too many people shun away from a life that would make them happiest simply for requiring a need of proof that God exists. What people don’t understand is there is proof! It’s just not the type of proof that we’ve grown to need. What people want is proof you can share. People want something hard and physical that you can touch and look upon. People want other people to show them their proof, up until they have enough personal experience to believe for themselves. People want evidence that is absolutely undeniable.

If you want proof that God exists, take a look around you. Think of the top three things in this world that make you happy. Think of your family! Think of your friends! Think of all of those moments in your life when it seems like you’ve been put on top of the world and you feel like you’ve been given the best life possible. What you feel at times like these is something undeniable. You feel grateful. Whether it’s gratitude for the people you have in your life or just gratefulness of your life in general, you have nothing but pure happiness for the life you’re living. At times like these you aren’t thanking the universe for rolling the dice in just the correct manner to put you in your shoes. Pure gratitude and peak happiness is something too beautiful to come from nothing. So who do you thank?
Have you ever knelt down and sincerely prayed to God with all your heart and mind? Have you ever read the Book of Mormon? Because if you have, then I would bet you’ve felt something. You felt a presence that was familiar and warm. Familiar how? That’s the feeling of God. That is the same feeling as pure gratitude and happiness.  Proof of God. You can never share the emotions you felt with someone else, or write them down, or take a picture of them. To me or the person beside you or anyone else in the entire world, that feeling cannot be transferred. It’s entirely personal. Entirely yours. Yet, absolutely undeniable. I encourage you to do the work you need to find your own proof of God.

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