Being a Good Friend

By Seth

With the start of the new school year lots of people concentrate on making new friends, but I think it’s just as important to focus on BEING a good friend.

Jesus Christ was a perfect example of how to be a good friend to others. He put others before himself. An example of this is when the Savior was very tired and people kept bringing their children to him. The disciples tried to turn them away but Christ said, “Suffer the children to come unto to me.” He also taught the men who were going to stone a women taken in adultery not to judge her sins.

As a friend, it’s important to encourage others to keep the commandments, but not to judge our friends harshly if they slip up. Christ spent a lot of his time healing people because he cared so much about them. We don’t heal the blind or cause the deaf to hear, but we can help people by reaching out our hand when they are hurting. Christ was a great example of this when he reached out to the lepers. These people who literally had skin falling off their bodies–social outcasts. In today’s society, we don’t have lepers, but what we do have people who feel like they’re outcasts or have no friends. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to just smile or say hi to someone in the halls, but it could make all the difference to them.


Finally, I think one of the best examples Christ gave to us was to forgive. People spat on him, mocked him, put a crown of thorns on his head, denied knowing him and betrayed him for money. Christ then turned around and instead of him being upset, he forgave them. In order to be a good friend, you have to learn to forgive. Everyone has bad days and says things they don’t really mean. I hope that we can all strive to forgive and try to make someone else’s day better by being a good friend.

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