What Can Melt Your Frozen Heart?

By Ben T.

This year in high school I decided I to take an Art/English class called Humanities.  They told us it would be a little different from the other classes and we would be thinking more outside of the box.  So far it has been a great experience and I look forward to class.

Each day, we are given a small prompt at the beginning of class and are encouraged to draw what comes to mind.  I am no artist, but it has helped me think in a different way and see what I am capable of– even if it isn’t much!

One day we were given the prompt, “The Thaw.”  Melting immediately came to my mind but I didn’t know what would be melting.  I was stuck for a little and thought about things in life that can hard or frozen; eventually I thought about our hearts.

At times our hearts can feel frozen and hard.  Through things that make us happy we are able to thaw our hearts slowly and feel true joy– friends, family, service gratitude, joy, laughter, and love. Then I thought, maybe happiness was not the only thing that could thaw our hearts.

Trials can even serve to thaw our hearts, though it may not seem like it at the time.  In the midst of trials, we might reach some of our lowest points, but what is sunshine without a little rain?  We can’t enjoy the good times if we don’t experience the bad times, too.  Trials can either harden our hearts or thaw them, making us stronger — how we handle our trials and what we get out of them is a decision only we can make.  Trials will always come, some harder than others, but we need to be ready and visualize our hearts slowly melting in the rays of our sun. I encourage you to trust the warmth and find the joy.

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