Why Do You Need a Savior?

By Megan

As I was walking around Temple Square in Salt Lake City a few days ago, I came across a sign. The sign read, “Hope is born, joy is born, peace is born. A Savior is Born.” I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. Here was this poster, nice and simple, containing little words. Yet, these little words shared so much meaning.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recently released a video called, “Why We Need A Savior.” As part of family home evening, my family and watched it and talked about it. The video was powerful to me, and even made me feel emotional. As I watched I started to picture a world without a Savior. Without Christ’s birth, we would feel pain and heartache all the time. We would drift farther away from happiness without a Savior.
As I began to think about the words and thoughts the video shared, I started to appreciate the birth of Christ even more. Without Christ, I couldn’t repent of my sins and fix my broken heart. I couldn’t talk to Him and ask for His loving grace and mercy. I would feel pain, sorrow, and regret and whatever else we might feel every day, forever. But because Jesus chose to come to earth and to atone for mankind, I can feel happy again.

I can feel His love, and I can feel His arms around me. I know that He knows me, and loves me enough to die for me, and to take upon Himself all of my sins.  Christ came to this world to atone for us because He loved each of us. I now understand more fully why we need a Savior. We need a Savior, because the world would be broken and lost without Him.
I am thankful for this Christmas season and the chance I get to ponder more on the Savior and what He has done for me and everyone. I love my Savior and I couldn’t be more grateful for His love and His sacrifice.

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