Why Your Love Can’t Wait

By Maddie

I absolutely love Christmas time. It makes me so happy having so many opportunities to serve my friends and family, and even strangers.

Every Christmas my family chooses someone that we think needs some love at Christmas time. Last year, we chose our Great Grandma Jackie. We decided to do the twelve days of Christmas for her, but she lived in Florida so we had to plan ahead, and ship the gifts to her. For each day we tried to pick something meaningful to send to her. Some of the days were as simple as sending her homemade snowflakes to decorate her house. For another day we Skyped her. It was very fun for our family and we knew she appreciated it.

This year, on Thanksgiving, my Great Grandma passed away. I’m so glad we were able to serve her during her last Christmas. I know Heavenly Father played a part in helping us grow closer to her before she passed away. Christmastime is a great time to take the chance to serve those you love. Be on the look out for those around you who need some love this time of year. You never know when it will be your last chance.

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