My Christmas Shoes

By Ambree

Since the beginning of December I have been thinking of ways I could make Christmas more memorable.  One of my seminary teachers said “ . . . the best gift to give the Savior is acts of service.” So I decided this Christmas I want to give the Savior the gift of service.

A few days ago my friend and I decided to go get ice cream cones. As we stood in line talking about our day, we slowly moved up to the cashier who told us that the guy in front of us had already paid for our ice cream cones.  We quickly looked around to see if we could thank him, but he was already gone.  That small act of service warmed my heart, and it instantly made me want to return the favor.  This experience inspired the idea I call, “My Christmas Shoes.”

shoes_closeupI went home and got out a pair of all-white shoes, and a bunch of differently colored sharpies.  I decided every time I did any kind of service I would write what I did on my white shoes. My goal is to fill up both of my shoes by the end of the month.  It makes me smile to look down and see my shoes starting to fill up with brightly colored acts of service – as reminders of all the wonderful people I’ve tried to help. The crazy thing is that as I am trying to make others happy I always walk away feeling happy, too.  That’s how God works. And that’s what the Savior wants us to experience.


So, whether it’s helping an elderly neighbor put up her tree, or putting a kind note in a friend’s locker – don’t stop serving after Christmas is over just keep going! Christ knows that service makes us feel happy and selfless – just like Him.



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  1. Marilyn Reply

    What a great idea. I can’t help think how inspired you were to keep a record of your service. Such a great reminder and a treasure to remember this special experience. Awesome.

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