Pointe Shoes and the Atonement

By Maddie/Photo Credit: Robert Maxwell

When people hear I am a dancer, more specifically a ballet dancer, they often ask, “Doesn’t it hurt your toes?!” The answer is YES. Pointe shoes definitely hurt. Spending three hours in a rehearsal with your toes squished in a pink satin covered box IS painful. There is no way to make the pain go away completely. Blisters and bunions are bound to happen. But… I was thinking… what if somebody could endure all of that pain for me? What if someone else got the bloody blisters and achy feet, and I still got the joy of dancing to my heart’s content. Wouldn’t that just be a dream come true?
Let me tell you a little bit about something just like this, something we all have in our lives. It’s this amazing thing we call, the atonement. Heavenly Father gave us all the ability to make choices. And with choices come the possibility of sin, that is, if we don’t make the RIGHT choices. But we all have a wonderful big brother, Jesus Christ, who atoned for our sins. All of our sins. Your sins, my sins, and for the sins of every single person on this earth. He made it so we can enjoy our life here on earth and still be able to live with our Father in Heaven again one day. He sacrificed his life and took our sins upon Him so we could be forgiven.
In one of my favorite hymns it says, “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot cure.” Christ is our cure, thanks to the atonement.
Often times, we relate the atonement to sinning. The Savior atoned for your sins, but they are still your sins. The atonement is what makes it possible for you to be forgiven. It makes it possible for us to start off with a clean slate, every time we ask for forgiveness. But we need to make sure that we are using the atonement every day, not just when we need to be forgiven. We should be trying every day to be more like Christ. He gave SO much for us and we need to give in return.
In True to the Faith under the atonement it states, “Although we are redeemed unconditionally from the universal effects of the Fall, we are accountable for our own sins. But we can be forgiven and cleansed from the stain of sin if we apply the atoning blood of Christ.”
Now, Heavenly Father made the atonement for ALL of us. But, only those who use it will get the benefits. If you aren’t taking advantage of the blessing that’s been given to you, then you should start today.
President Boyd K. Packer explained: “He had no debt to pay. He had committed no wrong. Nevertheless, an accumulation of all of the guilt, the grief and sorrow, the pain and humiliation, all of the mental, emotional, and physical torments known to man—He experienced them all.”
​I am so grateful for my Savior. I love Him and I know He gave his life for us. I have never had someone take on the pain of my bloody blisters and achy feet for me, but if it were possible, and somebody did, I would be so grateful. Not only did the Savior feel the pain of my ballerina feet, but also felt the pain of each of our sins and sorrows. And for that I will be eternally grateful. How can I ever repay Him? I’ll start by making sure I use the blessings of the atonement, every, single, day. I am grateful that I can be forgiven and that one day I can live with my Heavenly Father again. None of this would be possible without the Atonement. I love Him and I know He gave his life for us.

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  1. Jerrie Winquist Reply

    Wow Maddie. This is amazing. You are one special girl. I too love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am grateful for the atonement. Love you Maddie!

  2. Marilyn Reply

    Awesome Maddie. Such a deep thinker. You are a girl iof many talents thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Lee Reply

    Thanks Maddie. That was a powerful analogy. It strengthened my gratitude for the Savior’s Atonement.

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