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Each of us is born with the Light of Christ within us. Whether you’re a member of my faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or not, this gift is something each of us possesses. Throughout times in our lives, we will find the Light of Christ influencing our decisions and even affecting people that we come across. When we feel inspired to do something good, feel love or compassion for people around us, or even when we find ways to simply enjoy life, we are emulating the Light of Christ.

The scriptures teach us that the Light of Christ fills the space of every living thing. This light is what gives us life and it this through Christ’s hand that we receive it. This gift from God helps us to see the things as our brother and example Jesus would. Our Light of Christ can help us to understand things as well–kind of like our conscience. In a more doctrinal sense, the Light of Christ will help us to understand and know the ways of the Gospel.

lincIn my life, my father is very in tune with the Light of Christ. He emulates it in so many ways, and it shines so brightly within him that anyone can notice it just from meeting him. He loves our family, especially my Mom. The love he has for her helps her to see the Light of Christ he has within him. At work, my dad is able to associate with people so well because he finds ways to make his light shine, even at the office. This makes him a very gentle person and very easy to be around. He demonstrates very Christ-like behavior as he shows his love to everyone with whom he comes in contact.

When we find ways to make our light shine, others around us will notice it. Simple things like small acts of kindness can radiate the love of Christ to others, and even help to make their lights shine. Heavenly Father has given us this light as a gift to carry out no matter where we are. He is happy when we find ways to make our light shine. As we do this, we grow closer to our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, our friends and family, and virtually anyone we meet. How can you follow Christ’s example by making your light shine? I promise you will find happiness and peace as you radiate the Light of Christ you posses.

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  1. Marilyn Reply

    Love this message. It is true that it is easy to see that Light of Christ in the hearts of people and you articulated so very well.

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