A Different Type of Spring Cleaning

Throughout the springtime, we see new life. Isn’t it amazing? The grass becomes green. The flowers begin to sprout. The trees form buds.

Life is given.

Baby ducks are seen waddling and nests the of baby birds are snuggled in trees.

After a cold winter the world rejuvenates, renews, and refreshes.

Likewise, the Easter season provides us with the same opportunity. We reflect upon and rejoice in the redemption provided by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Many years ago, He gave us hope. After fulfilling the incomprehensible sacrifice for each and every one of us, He lived again. He, like the springtime, gives us a chance to change. To become better than we once were.

Spring is a gift.
A gift of grace.
A gift of love.
A gift of life.
But it is also a gift of reflection.

Jesus Christ can help us fix anything that needs fixing in our lives. Let us recommit today to be a little bit better than yesterday. To set our sights on the person our Heavenly Father wants us to become.

This beautiful Spring season, let us remember Him. His life. His love. His mercy. His sacrifice. And that He lives. That if we let Him in, He can fix, cleanse, heal, love, repair, and help us throughout our journey in life.

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