Learning to Love Me

By Kaitlyn/Image: thoughtcatalog.com

I’ve always wondered why it is so much easier to love all God’s other creations than it is to love ourselves. I see other people and I just think what wonderful and beautiful creatures they are. I can look at a waterfall or a sunset and tell God how grateful I am for His creations. Meanwhile whenever I look in the mirror, I cringe and turn away.

It’s not just me either, it seems as though everyone has this kind of experience, or one similar to it. Why is that? Isn’t it kind of hypocritical to say, “thank you Lord for all Your creations…well all except one, me.”? The well-known phrase, “Jesus said love everyone” includes yourself. We are commanded to love ourselves.

I wish when we kneel down at night to pray everyone would could say “Heavenly Father, I am thankful for me. I am thankful You created me, as insignificant as I may seem. I’m grateful You gave me certain weaknesses, and strengths. I’m grateful You love me despite my faults. I’m grateful that I know You understand these faults because You put them there. They have made me who I am, and that is the person I’m learning to love.”

Just think, an all powerful being took the time and effort to create you. Just as He was creating mountains, waterfalls and vast oceans, He created you. You are priceless to Him. More precious than rubies. Don’t let Satan destroy you bu using you against yourself; He can’t use you to pull you down without your consent. Do not let him get to you through you any longer, because you are stronger than he can ever be.

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  1. Marilyn Reply

    Thanks Kaitlyn I needed that and your are right we are all guilt of this self doubt. It reminds me of the question do you BELIEVE IN Christ or do you BELIEVE CHRIST. Easier to believe in Christ and much harder to believe Christ when he tells you you are capable of anything you want to do. I have pondered that thought for a long time and now you have renewed my interest in pondering it some more.

  2. Lee Reply

    Thanks for that Kaitlyn. One of Satan’s best tools is to attack our self-worth. He tries to convince us that we don’t matter to our Heavenly Father or to our Savior.

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