By: Kayla/photo

gratitude-3Perhaps you have lost your job recently as the economy has continued to struggle.  You may have lost your health, or a loved one. Such circumstances can be tremendously difficult. And yet, in the midst of those trials, we can thank God because we know that He has promised to be with us, that He will help us and He loves us.  He can use times of suffering to draw us closer to Him.  Even through our struggles we have much to be thankful for.

“All it takes is a quiet moment of giving thanks till we can find peace again. When life can get messy we can find little things to make our hearts feel light. Start with something simple you are glad you have and you will start to see the way that every blessing reminds you that you are loved and we can be grateful in all things.” – Keiyana Osmond

Through the craziness of our lives and all that is going on, there are a hundred things to be thankful for in any circumstance.  Have a quiet moment of giving thanks and remember that you are loved all of the time.

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