Do I Serve A Mission?

By Jace/Photo credit:

Recently, my cousin came home from his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  This has made me think a lot about my mission which is coming really soon.  It has shown me how scared I am about leaving for so long but it has also shown me how to trust in the Lord more.  I used to worry about where I was going to be sent because I wanted to go somewhere exciting. Now I realize that it doesn’t matter where I go because that is where I am needed most.  While I am really scared about leaving, I am super excited to go and share the Lord’s good message. I can’t wait to go out and teach people a message about Jesus Christ and His gospel.  What fears I do have I know the Lord will take care of and that I really have no reason to fear.  If any of you are considering going on a mission, like I am, I would suggest that you earnestly pray about it and try to figure out what is holding you back from going.  I know that helps me when it comes to my decision to serve a mission or not.

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