Thinking About Heaven

By: Stockton

Recently, my older brother returned home from serving his 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.  Since he’s been home I’ve been  thinking about how a mission is similar to our earth life.  It was hard for our family to send him to Mexico City and have to go without spending time with him for so long. This is similar to how our Heavenly Father felt when he sent us to earth. Another interesting thing that comes to mind is how we are still able to communicate with each other, but we don’t do it the same way the rest of the world communicates. We communicate to Heavenly Father by prayer, through Jesus Christ. The thing that I have thought about the most is how we, as a family, were extremely excited for the time when my brother was able to come home. I can just imagine how Heavenly Father feels the same way about us returning back to heaven.

When we sent my brother on a mission it was very hard for us but we knew what he was doing was right.  We were supportive of him the entire time he was gone. Heavenly Father loves each of us. Because this is true, it must have been hard for him to send us to earth where he wouldn’t be with us.  However, because of that love, we were sent to earth to learn and grow. We needed earth experiences to become more like him.

Communication with my brother while he was gone was by email or mail. Most of the world talks by texting, calling, messages, etc. Speaking with a missionary in different ways is symbolic to how we communicate with our Heavenly Father. There are two ways that we communicate with him. When we want to speak to him, we pray. When we want to hear from him, we read the scriptures. Although this form of communication is not immediate, it still works, and it works every time. When we pray with real intent of wanting to receive an answer, are willing to put in the time and effort to search and ponder, we will always receive an answer. It may not be what we hoped for but we will always get an answer. Now these answers do not always come right away. In order to receive an answer it takes effort on our part from a divinely appointed source. These sources include reading scriptures, listening to or reading conference talks from our prophets and apostles, or even attending church and getting a feeling from the spirit.

I don’t remember the last time I felt so excited for something as I did to see my brother again. As a family, we were counting down the days and we were so happy when we finally saw him.img_3244 img_3276I am sure that our Heavenly Father feels the same way. I know that Heavenly Father loves all of us more than we can imagine. He is buzzing with excitement to see us again.  He wants the best for us.  He is proud of our good choices and sad when we choose things that will keep us from returning to him.  This is why it is extremely important for us to keep the commandments which he has given us, to make it possible for us to make it back. Yes, we are human, so every one of us will mess up and make mistakes. For this reason, Heavenly Father made a way for us to be forgiven. Jesus Christ performed the atonement and felt everything we will ever feel in our life. In order to be forgiven, all we have to do is have a desire to improve, be truly sorry for what we did wrong and pray and ask for forgiveness.

All of these thoughts I have had really make me realize that a mission is very symbolic of our earth life. We learn at a young age how we should live and what is right.  We learned in heaven before we were born.  Then we leave our family to share the gospel with everyone we can because of the joy and happiness that it brings to us. We left our Heavenly Father to come to earth so we could learn to be more like him, which is the way to be happy.

I am grateful for the gospel and I love it. I know that I am a child of God and that he loves me and you. I know that through the atonement we can be forgiven of our sins and that we can become better. I love Jesus Christ because he was willing to suffer every pain that anyone would ever feel, all because he loves me and you.  Heavenly Father loves us and misses us. He enjoys communicating with us and wants us to communicate with him. As long as we do our part in trying to keep the commandments he has given us, we will see him again. He is excited and waiting for that day!

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  1. Kimberly Reply

    Thank you Stockton, very touching. I love the analogy and it brought tears to my eyes. You are an outstanding young man.

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