Why Do I Choose Not to Swear?

By Andy:

It isn’t always easy to choose not to swear. Sometimes it feels like a curse more than it is a blessing. But I choose not to swear for one main reason, and that is because Heavenly Father has made it a commandment for me not to use profane language. Also because it is a poor habit to have and swearing sounds uneducated and unprofessional.

Playing on a high school baseball team is not the best way to try and make good habits with language. The entire team knows my standards and some choose to respect it while others tend to mock. Recently my team took a trip for a tournament to Las Vegas for almost an entire week. While I was really excited to get into warmer weather and play some baseball, I was almost as equally nervous about the company I was going to have to keep while there.  

I know that the Spirit of the Holy Ghost will not keep company with profane language, and the Holy Ghost is a companion that I knew I had to keep with me. So on the bus ride down I said a few personal prayers that I wouldn’t be put into too many situations where language or other things would be an issue.  I knew the situation would be inevitable, but I had faith that I would be able to handle it. When I got home I looked back on the trip and noticed that there had not been very many situations where I felt too uncomfortable and that for the most part I was able to avoid the situations completely. The last thing I noticed is that when a situation did come up that it had always been easy to walk away from.  

I choose not to swear because, I know that Heavenly Father has instructed me not to swear for a reason and even though sometimes it may be a hard rule to follow or even seem pointless. I know that it is there for my sake and that it will help me become closer to Him and be a better person. Swearing is a bad habit to have, so don’t start. If you already do I encourage you to stop even if it is only “every once in a while”. That is why I choose not to swear and I know my Father in Heaven will bless me for making this commitment.

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  1. Msrilyn a Barlow Reply

    Awesome Andy. Habits are hard to break so you are so smart to let the Spirit be your guide and make this commitment now. You are one of my favorite people.

  2. Dave Oka Reply

    Spirituality, self control, self awareness, humility, you have it all my friend. Keep it up!

  3. Audrie Loertscher Reply

    This is amazing Andy. You really are a super great example.

  4. Alan Defraux Reply

    Hopefully You Proceed Omitting more heavenly Creeds. Reminding Individuals To Exclude for language is awesome. good job.

  5. Randy Hemingway Reply

    Andy, your post was awesome. It can’t be easy to maintain your commitments when others can make it uncomfortable. Thanks for standing firm!

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