Feelings Around a Campfire

By: Stockton/photo credit Sam Howzit

This month I had the opportunity to go to Wyoming for a youth conference with my ward.  It was a fun experience because we were able to do many enjoyable things such as white water rafting and a ropes course. We stayed in little bunking cabins and although we didn’t get much sleep, it was nice to have some form of shelter other than a tent.

Our last night there we all gathered around a campfire where we shared our feelings and testimonies about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I was one of the first to get up and share my testimony with the group.  Others stood up and shared.  It was starting to get late and I knew that it was going to be over soon but I had this strange feeling that I should lean over and tell the person next to me that he should get up and say something. At first I was hesitant because I didn’t want to disturb anyone and the special feeling that was there.  But, after a few moments of fighting in my head, I decided to quietly let him know that I had a feeling he should share something and what he had to say could be really helpful to someone else. He then got up and shared his testimony, being the last person of the night.

After the meeting I made sure to go up and thank my friend for sharing and once again let him know that I had a feeling to encourage him. He then shared with me how he usually knows when he wants to get up and share his testimony but for whatever reason he didn’t have that feeling this time. So, he said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father if he should take a turn because he felt like there was something good that he wanted to say to the group. Almost immediately, after he finished his prayer, was when I leaned in and told him that I felt he should get up.

After he told me that I got really emotional and was overcome by the spirit.  I realized that I had just been an answer to his prayer and that I had listened to the spirit and acted on what it was telling me in order to be his answer. This was the first time that I can remember actually recognizing the spirit and then being able to see the outcome so quickly. I returned to my cabin, sat outside and looked up at the stars for nearly 30 minutes. The sky is so beautiful when you are out away from the city and you can see it so clearly. I just sat there thinking to myself, “with how big this universe is and all of His many creations, God still cares about me!” And I know God cares about you!

I am very glad that I went on this youth conference adventure. It was such a cool experience and I really enjoyed every minute of being up in the mountains in Wyoming.  I am grateful that we can pray to Heavenly Father and receive answers to our prayers. They may not come as quickly as we like, or be the answer that we want, but he will still answer. I’m thankful to have the spirit to guide and influence me and from this experience I have learned to listen and trust in it more. 

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  1. Brother Bradley Reply


    Thanks for sharing. Acting on feelings or promptings can sometimes be hard. What a blessing for your friend and those who needed to hear what he had to say. Thanks for following the promptings.

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