By: Stockton

Think about the people you have the most fun with. Now think of those you have some of the hardest, most frustrating times with. For most people family will come to mind for at least one of those statements. For me personally, family comes to mind when I think of both the best and worst times I’ve experienced. I spend more time with my family than any other group of people so it is easy to see how I have so many different memories with them. There are some days where everyone in the family is happy and we all are so grateful for each other.  And then, there are other days…  Over the years I’ve learned that’s just how it goes with family and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

One of the good memories I have with my family is that we go to lunch together every single Saturday. We started doing this a few years ago and everyone has really enjoyed it. We take turns choosing where we eat, we have to stay within our budget and no cell phones allowed!  I love doing this because it gives us time to talk about how our week went and we are able to help each other out with anything we may be currently going through.

I can’t really think of a super awful memory I have had with my family but there was one time that we went to Disneyland that I distinctly remember a terrible part about the trip. I know you are probably thinking, “How could you have a bad experience at Disneyland?” Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about Disneyland, but my mom thought it would be a good idea to stay at a cheap hotel to save some money. I thought that was fair enough because she paid for me to go to Disneyland but once we got into our room it was one of the most disgusting things I have seen. It was a really old and dirty place.  There was one night that we had a cricket inside our room, somewhere, that was making so much noise and none of us could sleep. I absolutely hated that hotel!  Yet, I am still glad that I got to experience that because even as awful as it was, it helped me to recognize how blessed I truly am to live in a nice clean home.

In September 1995 the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles issued a proclamation to the Church and to the world titled “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”.   It was originally read by a modern-day prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, to the women of the church.  This prophetic declaration teaches of the divine role of the family in God’s eternal plan.  The “Proclamation” outlines our church’s beliefs on marriage and the role each person plays in the family. Back when it was written, all of the principles it teaches were basic and it seemed everyone in the world believed the same things. Today, however, the world’s views on marriage and family have definitely changed. This proclamation, written 22 years ago,  is still the standard that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints strive to live by and always will.  I also believe that “The Family” proclamation was revealed to a modern-day prophet directly from Jesus Christ, the head of our church.  If you have never read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” or if it’s been awhile, I advise you to read it.

I am extremely grateful for my family and for all they do for me. I am especially grateful for my parents. I would not be even close to as good of a person as I am today without them teaching me and helping me along the way. It is easy to see why God intended for us to come to this Earth and be in families because they are the greatest blessing in my life and I could not ask for anyone better to live and grow up with.

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  1. Murry Reply

    I love your insight bud. I wish I would have had your spiritual gifts when I was your age. Love you

  2. Jill Reply

    Beautifully said, Stockton. You are so blessed to be born to a wonderful family who takes time for each other. Thanks to all of the Orchards for your willingness to share the cricket hotel moments of life alongside the good ones! ❤️

  3. Kathy Reply

    Great insights. I’ve had plenty of hard times with my family (some even in Disneyland too:) but the good times outweigh the bad by soooo much! Thanks for reminding me about the importance of families and how much I love them.

  4. Kerri O. Reply

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the importance of the family Stockton! It made me reflect on my own family, and how blessed we are to have direction from our Heavenly Father about His divine plan for families.

  5. Lee H. Reply

    I appreciate what you had to say about families Stockton. I agree with you about the importance of the Family Proclamation. Isn’t it great to have modern prophets that help us understand the great plan of happiness, and the importance of the family within that plan? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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