I Love to See the Temple

By: Chandler

I love to see the temple. It is a place where I can feel peace, joy, and comfort. A couple of years ago, some of my friends and I were able to go on a trip where we visited every single LDS temple in Utah in one week. This was a truly amazing experience for all of us. Each day we would typically attend 3 temples. During this week I felt so much happiness and I didn’t want that feeling to leave me. That experience left a very definite impact on my life. It helped me to grow a love for the temple and a desire to attend as often as I can. With those same friends, we attend the temple almost every week. I encourage you to visit the temple as often as you can because it really is a special place.

The experiences had in the temple are unique and you will feel the spirit. I know firsthand that the temple can bring you peace even if you are feeling down. One day I was having a very hard time forgiving someone who I was upset with so I decided to go to the temple. I was so blessed for making that decision. After I left, I had such a feeling of peace that I forgave them right away.

Recently, I was asked to be a part of a committee to be in charge of the celebration of reopening the Jordan River Temple. A lot of planning and work have gone into this and it is very exciting.  Sixty days prior to the opening, there will be many activities planned for all youth to attend whether they are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or not. One of the most exciting activities to me is going to be a tour of the temple. In this, all youth are invited to attend, and bring friends, to experience the comfort inside.

The temple is an inviting place and I know that you will feel how special it is if you go. I know all those who worthily hold temple recommends are so blessed. I know that if we all live worthy to enter the temple we will be more joyful and experience true happiness.


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  1. Kerri O. Reply

    Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings about the temple. What a great thing to do with your friends! You reminded us of how going to the temple often helps us feel more peace, more forgiveness, more love for God & Jesus, our families, and more of all that “goodness” we all NEED!

  2. Marilyn B Reply

    The temple truly is the place to be and an answer to life’s turmoils. I think that Heavenly Father is honoring the youth with this lSt announcement about youth serving in the temple. Your thoughts are spot on and because of your efforts you are now being given more responsibility by serving in the temple.

  3. Matt Newton Reply

    Thank you for your great post on the temple – and the upcoming temple open house. It is wonderful to have a place of refuge from the challenges of this world. It is also a great opportunity we have to share the “new” temple with our friends of different faiths. Thanks again for your terrific post, Chandler!

  4. Carl S. Reply

    I love that you have gained a love for the temple at such a young age! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lee Reply

    Thanks for sharing your feelings about the temple Chandler. I was in a meeting last night where your committee gave us a preview of what is coming with the Jordan River Temple re-dedication. It was wonderful! You and the rest of your committee will bless the lives of so many young men and women as you encourage them to be ready for the temple.
    Thanks again for sharing your experience and testimony.

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