Exhausted with One Race to Go

By:  Jason

I was on the swim team last summer. In one of our first practice meets I swam 4 individual events: the 500, the 200, the 100 backstroke and the 100 free.  That’s a pretty tough workout considering it’s over 2900 feet! My 5th and final event was a team relay and I was exhausted.  I said a quick but sincere prayer to my Heavenly Father asking for strength so I could do well for my teammates.  I thought of reasons I might not get the answer to this prayer and couldn’t think of anything.  I kept the Word of Wisdom and all of that good stuff but as the next event drew closer I didn’t feel any more energized.  In fact, I felt more tired if anything.  I got on the block still tired.  I got into position almost falling off the block.  The buzzer sounded and I threw everything I had into my dive and thought,  “Well, I should’ve saved that energy!”   As soon as I hit the water I felt rejuvenated and was able to complete the relay in second place!

Praying with a sincere heart and pure intent will get us the blessings we need but not always the blessings we want.  If we got every blessing we wanted then that would be like getting the answers to questions on a test.  Life would be too easy.  We were sent to Earth to be tested.  We all need to experience trials and temptations and sometimes Satan gets the better of us.  But, we can seek repentance and forgiveness through Jesus Christ so that we can live with him again.  I testify that if we pray with strength and sincerity then we will be blessed and God will answer our prayers.

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  1. Lee Reply

    I really like your example of prayer Jason. Although not every prayer is answered the way we hope, Heavenly Father has many blessings for us that we receive only if we DO ask.
    Thanks for sharing this experience and for your testimony.

  2. Ray Reply

    Thanks Jason. I really enjoyed reading this and am touched by your example of prayer. Thanks for sharing!

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