Lost Keys

By: Kenna

I want to share an experience I had just recently with prayer. I believe that God hears our prayers and that He will help us when we earnestly seek Him. I am involved in a choral group at my high school called, Graces. We all were scheduled to meet at my high school and carpool from there to our performance. After our performance at a church Christmas party, we were driving back to our high school, and my friend realized that her car keys were missing. She looked for her keys everywhere in my car and we could not find them. We decided to go back to the church where we had just performed, and checked again, searching for almost 30 minutes. We still couldn’t find them. We were all becoming very frustrated. My friend who had lost her keys, suggested that we all join together to offer a prayer to locate them. We all agreed and a prayer was said. This was a most sincere prayer, and I could totally feel the Spirit. After the prayer, my friend decided to text a few of our fellow Graces’ friends to see if they had accidentally picked them up or found them on the ground. Everyone she texted told her that they hadn’t seen any extra keys after our performance. We sat on a bench inside the church, a little discouraged, discussing what we might do next. We decided to retrace our steps, and check the church again…still nothing. My friend suggested that we should check the school parking lot. As we arrived back to my high school, we got out of the car and looked over in the distance to see her keys lying on the ground. We were so grateful for this experience and the opportunity to have the Lord bless us so that my friend could find her lost keys. I testify that as we pray to our Heavenly Father for help, He will bless and help us.

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  1. David Reply

    It always amazes me that when we are humble enough to ask in prayer how fast that prayer is answered. Thank ou for taking the time to share this message!

  2. Lee H. Reply

    Thanks for this great post Kenna. Isn’t it comforting to know that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to be involved in the minor events in our lives? Our prayers aren’t always answered the way we want, but I believe that He stands ready and even anxious to bless us if we will just ask.

    Years ago Elder Washburn of the Seventy, while visiting our stake conference, said “The saints miss out on more blessings because they don’t ask for them than because they aren’t worthy to receive them.”

    Thanks again for sharing this faith-building experience!

  3. Deloris Reply

    This is a beautiful experience shared from a beautiful person. Thank you!

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