Cooking with Mom

By: Natalia

When you serve the homeless, elderly people, and others in need, it feels like a great accomplishment. But, have you ever thought about serving your family? I never really had because I always thought that they didn’t need it. However, serving family members brings such a beautiful spirit into your home and it also feels like you are accomplishing even more. For a service project , I decided to help my mom cook for the family for the holidays. She usually didn’t ask me to do the complicated part of cooking, but mostly cutting vegetables, looking over the food as she did something else, etc.  Even if I was helping her through really small acts, I could see the difference it made because she didn’t have as much to worry about.  I also learned how to make a simple family recipe that I happen to love!  And, I had a unique experience that I would’ve never had without helping my mom cook! It was fun!

Serving others, even through small acts, is a great way of taking your mind off of things and brings peace and joy to your soul.  Doing service helps you become more loving and understanding toward others.  I know this is true because I have experienced it. The more service I do, the more patient and understanding I become by learning to look through other people’s perspectives rather than my own. I know that through service, I can become more Christlike and acquire His virtues: loving my neighbor, overall kindness and helping others with a sincere heart. I would like to invite you to serve your family, as well as others, so you can experience the peace and joy that I felt and create nice relationships with your family members.

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  1. Lee Reply

    Thanks, Natalia, for the great reminder that we don’t have to look very far to find people to serve. Your example of service makes me want to step it up in my own home.
    Thanks again!

  2. Kimberly Reply

    Love the simplicity of your message! Sometimes the big things really are the little things. Thanks for sharing.

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