Can Families Be Together Forever?

By Rachel

A couple of months ago, one of our family friends passed away from breast cancer. This was a very troubling time because she left behind a loving husband and five children. Can you imagine losing your mom at age 17, 15, 13, 8, or 6? How would you cope with such a traumatic experience? Who is going send that little boy on his first date knowing he’s wearing deodorant? Who is going to get that little girl ready on her wedding day?

Our moms do so much for us that often goes unnoticed. During tragic events when you lose a loved one, people wonder, “What happens next?” I believe after we die, our spirit leaves our body, and we go up to heaven. Jesus Christ atoned for our sins so that we all can be resurrected, no matter who you are. To be resurrected means that our body and our spirit are reunited again. This will occur when Jesus Christ comes again, also known as the Second Coming.

Now how can we live together as a family forever? On earth, we have temples. Inside temples we make sacred covenants through ordinances. Covenants are two-way promises – we promise Heavenly Father certain things, and in return for keeping that promise, He promises certain things to us.

One of these ordinances is called a sealing. When a couple is worthy and ready to be married, they can be sealed together in the temple. This means they make a covenant to be faithful to each other, to respect and love one another, and to raise their children in the knowledge of the restored gospel. They make a promise to Heavenly Father to do their part, and in return, Heavenly Father promises their family can live with one another for time and all eternity. This is very comforting to know because this means that you will be able to see a loved one that you have lost again.

Families can live together forever because of Heavenly Father’s plan. It’s important that each of us does our part. It’s important that we all strive to be the best we can be so that we can live with our families forever. I know our friends can see their mom again because of Heavenly Father’s plan and through the important sealing power of the temple.

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