Imagine Driving Without Laws

By Clancey

No matter how much I begged, they would say, “No.” There was no way it seemed I could get my parents to say, “Yes.” I asked them if I could go to the store; it was as simple as that. Going to the store was not a bad thing, I reasoned … but being seven and walking alone to the store was not a good choice. Today, I realize my parents, “No,” was just their way of protecting me. They were protecting me, just like God does.

“The gospel is not weight, it is wings,” says Jean A. Stevens. But how can that be? I’ve noticed that if you follow the teachings of the gospel heavy burdens can be lifted off your shoulders. After all, every time you sin it’s not like you feel better—right?

Imagine you’re driving on a road. You see a few signs along the way; they give you guidelines that can possibly save you from danger. The first sign you look at is a Speed Limit, it says, “35 MPH.” Another sign passes, and it says, “Caution: Road may be slippery.” Another sign comes up, it says, “Reduced Speed Ahead.” In the distance, you see yellow arrows pointing to the right with yet another sign that says, “Turn ahead: 20MPH.” Let’s say you don’t listen to any one of those signs. Instead, you increase your speed and think those instructions are just there to restrain you. However, the reality is that if you obey the signs, they will save you from danger.

Maybe that’s the way it works with God’s commandments. Maybe He’s trying to keep us safe, not trying to restrain us. Maybe, maybe, maybe… It’s true; God is not trying to ruin all the fun. God wants you to be happy, so He helps us make the right decisions. Can you imagine what driving would be like without laws? That’s like life without commandments—more likely to encounter harm and destruction. He’s telling you to slow down so you can avoid danger, not so you can’t make it to school or work because you’re late. So next time you think about doing something wrong, think again. God doesn’t want you to run into danger; He wants you to be protected, safe, away from harm. Let us listen to His signs, so that we can avoid danger. This applies with all sin. We will not be nearly as safe if we don’t follow his commandments. I know I am far from perfect, but if we all do our best, if we pay attention to the commandments and obey we will not only live a happier life, but we will return to Him. We will live with Him again and be perfected in Him.


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