Why Do We Study the Scriptures?

By Ambree

When I turned 12 and started going to Young Women’s (a youth group that meets weekly at my church), I also tried reading the Book of Mormon because my leaders rewarded us if we did. I noticed that when I was reading the Book of Mormon I wasn’t really paying attention to the words and stories. My mind would wander off on different things, and this frustrated me. I didn’t know why we were supposed to read the Book of Mormon, because I felt like I wasn’t learning anything. I started asking my friends what they do to help them better understand the scriptures. I also prayed for help, and wanted to know in my heart if the scriptures were true. I wanted a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, but I had a very hard time understanding them. Days turned into months and I still had a hard time understanding the scriptures. Then, one day I was in seminary (another youth program to help us learn gospel principles) and we were learning about the scriptures. My seminary teacher said to the class “I don’t want you guys to read the scriptures, I want you guys to STUDY them.” That’s when it hit me.

From that day forward I started studying the scriptures. I begin by praying to my Heavenly Father to help me understand what I needed to learn. I then kept a scripture journal where I would write down the things I felt and learned in the chapter I was reading. Then I would take time to ponder the words. Once I started doing this I noticed I had a more positive attitude and a brighter smile. The Holy Ghost came into my life as I kept studying the scriptures, and I felt happiness. My testimony grew and became stronger, because I was studying the scriptures and it changed me for good.

I now understand why people love learning about the stories of prophets and Jesus Christ’s life on the earth. Our prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, encourages us to study and learn from the scriptures, and I am so glad I took his counsel. I love studying the scriptures, because it makes me want to be a good difference in the world. I feel the Spirit in my heart, and it feels good and I am happier. I know that when we study the scriptures, our faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father grows stronger. Now, I have a better understanding of the scriptures.

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  1. Wendy Selu Reply

    I know that reading the Scriptures with pray, will bless my life. It is something that I have tried to do daily. I have tried to instill that in my children, who are now grown. It was good to read your comments.

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