Play to Success


by Nathan

I’m an avid competitive gamer. This interest is better known as eSports. I’ve been an avid follower since 2005 but it wasn’t until summer 2011, that I personally started playing competitively. I was practicing with my team, when I realized how easily we could relate our teamwork to spiritual and emotional success.

Being part of a team comes with responsibility on your part and on the part of your teammates. You need constant and open communication and honesty with each other to further your skills and relationships. Constant practice and persistence work wonders for you and how far your team can advance at an event. Whether you place top 16 or top 100 at an event is purely up to you. You have to want it and to give everything for those around you if you want to succeed. Without communication, you’ll break apart. This also applies to the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father and earthly family.

A family requires constant teamwork to stay afloat. If somebody isn’t delivering in a vital area, the entire spiritual structure suffers. It’s very important that we’re open and honest with each other to further our relationship as a family. Of course, you have to want to better yourselves to see any improvement. Personally, I feel that attending church and fulfilling our spiritual duties helps greatly in this aspect. If we can all grasp the spirit as one mutual force striving for a single goal, we can achieve it and the results we hope for as a family. I bear my testimony that if you give everything you have for something you’re passionate about, you will see results.

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  1. Cory Reply

    Great message Nate! I agree that hard work and working together as a team will lead us toward success! I am grateful for the amazing teams that I get to be part of like my family, my work colleagues, the young mens organization, and the church.

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