What is Better Than Time with Our Family?

By Ben L.

One time my Mom was having a rough day so my little brother Cayden got up and gave her a hug with all his love.  Then my sister got up and hugged her, too. This prompted us all to join in for a huge family group hug. Soon enough we had my mom feeling better and we had a great rest of the day together. Moments like that make me feel so glad to be spending the rest of my life, and even our life after death, with my family.

In my family we create time, at least once a week, to be together. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this is called Family Home Evening (FHE).  Family Home Evening is essential to my family’s life. It is just about the only time we can sit down as an entire family and talk, have fun, and learn about the gospel of Christ. Almost every FHE we have is enjoyable and wholesome. We have family night/FHE every Monday so we can bond and prepare to be together forever as a family.

Our Father in Heaven wants us to have an eternity of happiness, and he wants us to share it with our beloved brothers, sisters, and parents. I believe families can be joined or sealed together by making and keeping special covenants in a temple. You can make these covenants by going to the temple and getting married there, or, if couples are already married but not sealed, you can go to the temple with your spouse and children to receive the blessings of an eternal sealing.

No matter if your family is sealed or not, we all could use a closer relationship with our families.  Working toward an eternal family starts by strengthening your relationship with your family today.

I know that Heavenly Father has planned for us to spend eternity with our families. I believe that when we go to heaven the only thing we can bring with us from this world is not money, TV, or iPods; it will only be our family. So don’t let your family slip away. Hold them close and cherish your relationship with them. Don’t spend your day staring at your TV or iPod. Go have a family game night.  After all, FHE doesn’t have to be the only time your family spends together for the week.

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