Where Can YOU Turn for Peace?

by Clancey

School. It may seem like a prison on the outside (and sometimes on the inside), but it’s a place where my peers and I learn. Some say school is completely pointless, others say it’s the best thing in the world. Some say it’s good, others say it’s bad. I say it’s both.

In math class, I sat in the very back. Unfortunately, there were others there as well. I got along with the person sitting next to me very well. However, the kids to my right were always talking about something inappropriate. And I, sitting right by them, couldn’t control the conversation. I had to figure out how I was going to cope. How was I supposed to stick with my values and keep my thoughts clean if others were always talking about doing things that go against what I believe to be right? Where could I turn for peace? I recently learned a ‘little secret’ that helps me focus.

The mind. That is where it all starts. When you take action, it first starts in your mind. You don’t automatically get on a rollercoaster without thinking about it. Is it safe? Will I die? This looks fun! Those thoughts take place in our very intelligent thought making machines. The brain is what gets you to do everything! If you want to move your arm, your muscles need instructions from your brain. When you feel pain, it is your brain telling you it hurts. The human mind is capable of doing so much! It is so amazing! That’s because it’s from God.

Boyd K. Packer, a leader in my faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, taught that your mind is like a stage. A stage that is continuously putting on a show. Whether it’s a modest or immodest show, the choice is yours. President Packer also taught that if you use this ‘little secret’, the stage can put on an amazingly good and modest show. That ‘little secret’ is music.

Yes music! That’s it! It may seem so weird, but it’s the ‘little secret’ to removing all of your bad thoughts. I am so grateful for what Boyd K. Packer has taught me. Without him, I wouldn’t know what to do. And I’m not saying never turn unto the Lord for peace (In fact, you should do that every time). I’m saying, after you have prayed for help to remove those thoughts, sing. Sing inside your beautiful head! That’s the real big ‘little secret’.

I cannot control everything that comes into my mind, but I can control the things I want to stay. That’s why I sing my favorite Hymns. You don’t have to sing a Hymn, but it works better for me. You can even sing a simple children’s song. As long as you do whatever it takes to make an honest effort to keep your thoughts focused on positive, uplifting thoughts, the Lord will bless you.

“Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly” –D&C 121:45.

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  1. Beverly Atherley Reply

    Enjoyed reading this. Thanks Clancey for the positive thoughts. I find music not only helps my thoughts but helps uplifts my mood. Feeling a bit down? Sing a Primary song, a Hymn or any song with a uplifting message. Music is a wonderful tool.

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