What Are You Thankful For?

By Lincoln,

Think about the last time you felt thankful for something small, like your shoes, or the sink, or hair product. Try to imagine how different life would be without some of those small things. A couple of them would make life very different! Beyond the small things, what would life be like without the big things in life, or the things that matter most? Your family, friends, house, food, clothes, you name it. Imagine life without any of those. How often have you expressed your gratitude for the important things, big or small, in your life? Think of all the blessings our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. Isn’t it important for us to thank him?

During a recent youth group experience at a week long camp called Especially for Youth I was challenged to think about gratitude. I realized I take many things in my life for granted. I realized that in my life, showing gratitude often goes out the window. All of the things our Heavenly Father, our parents, or anyone else gives us should be recognized.

I’ve also thought about how everything that we have in our lives that is ours, really isn’t ours. Wait. What? That’s right. What we claim as ours, in the end, really belongs to God. Whatever it is you have, you have it because God allowed you to. He can give anything to us, and likewise, he can take anything away from us. So, when I think of how I can really, truly show my gratitude for what I have, I can show it through the only thing that is really mine: my agency to make decisions. That’s the one thing God has given to us that he cannot take away, and cannot control.

By making the right decisions and choosing to do good, we can show our thanks to Heavenly Father, not only for our ability to make our own choices, but all of the other things he has blessed us with in our lives. When we step back and really look for the blessings we have in our lives, we begin to realize the abundance of things God has granted us, and by realizing them and expressing our thanks, the door will only grow wider through which we are blessed.

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  1. Don Allred Reply

    Great thoughts Lincoln! life is better when we think about things small and great that we so often take for granted.

  2. Marilyn Barlow Reply

    This post is very thought provoking. I have understood this concept for a long time but your linking it to Agency brought it to a whole new perspective. This is a wonderful concept to learn at your age. Most of us take a lot longer to learn and apply it to our lives. Thankyou.

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