Five Ways to Be a Happier High School Student

by Rachel

Dear Summer 2k14,
You deserve a speeding ticket.
You will be missed.


Well hello high school. We meet again. Most people aren’t too excited for school to start. It can be intimidating, boring, and even put some of us to sleep.  I know I have felt all of those things before. But since school is here and there is just not a way to make summer last forever, I have come up with five ways to have a great school year.  These suggestions have really helped me and maybe they’ll be helpful to you too.

1.  Smile and say Hello

One thing  you can do in the hallways at school is smile and say hi. Smiling can instantly change your mood, if you allow it. It not only makes you more attractive, but people will notice and want to be around you! Smiling is contagious. Have you ever been around someone who smiles all the time? Don’t you just get happy vibes? I know I do. I know that when people smile at me, it usually makes me smile back.

Part two is to look people in the eye and say hello.  Most kids already do this with their friends, but try smiling and saying hi to kids you don’t know. Or even better, seek out kids who may need a friend.  When we were in Jr. High, my mom would often drop off pizzas for me, my brother and our friends at lunch time. We really loved it when it was “pizza day”.  Mom’s only rule was that we invite someone to join us who was sitting alone or who was outside our circle of friends.  At first it was a little awkward inviting people we didn’t know but as we did it we ended up making new friends and helping others to feel more included. 


2. Be Confident

Confidence in high school is vital. You don’t have to be popular or fashionable or athletic to be confident.  Confidence simply means believing in yourself and understanding your sense of worth.  Each person is important to our Heavenly Father. Sometimes you will feel unwanted, left out, and even alone, but always know that the Lord will be there for you. He is rooting for you. He is your biggest fan. He’s your cheerleader cheering you along through every step of this life. Turn to Him when you need help, He will be there.


3. Get Involved

High school is such a great part of life! Be involved! Go to dances, sporting events, join clubs, try out for plays and musicals, run for a student office, etc. There is something for everyone.  This is the perfect way to meet new people and do what you love. Find something that interests you. Nobody is too cool to sit in the fan section at football games. Stand up and be loud! Cheer at games and have school spirit! I promise you, it’s more fun that way. (;

4. Check Your Attitude

Your attitude determines the main valve for your own happiness. If you are always finding the positive and bright side of things, how will you not be happy? Now I know we all possess some characteristics of the natural man. We complain. We get annoyed. We get lazy. But if you start to see yourself being a negative source, change! I have noticed that when I look for the negative, I quickly find it.  When I focus on the positive I see that it is always there right in front of me, I just have to choose to see it.


5. Attend Seminary

Seminary is a religious class that I can take at my school that is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Seminary changes lives. This past year, I had one of the most amazing seminary teachers. Not only did I have a great experience, but my relationship with my Heavenly Father grew. One thing that I decided to do in seminary this year was that I wanted to fill my entire seminary journal with thoughts, feelings, scriptures, etc. I thought that what I would write most would be my own thoughts. But I was wrong. Throughout the year, I found myself quoting other people in my class. I wrote down their goals, thoughts, favorite scriptures, words to hymns that touched them, and even parts of their testimony. I had a life changing experience in seminary not only because I had a positive attitude about it, but also because my peers were teaching me. Their words were touching me and ended up strengthening my testimony more than I ever imagined. I invite you to take seminary, but take it with real intent and an open heart. You will grow in so many capacities. It’s time out of your day to get away from the world. To find inner peace. Seminary can be a way of answering your prayers. It can lead you to people who will change your life.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to gain an education.  I know the Lord wants us to be happy and successful in all aspects of our lives including school.  Here’s to a great 2014-2015 school year!


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