Prayer and Public Speaking

By Nate

I was recently asked to give a talk at my church’s Youth Conference reunion—a feat which I chose to make seem impossible. I walked up to the podium and started the obligatory shaking and sweating; a total nervous wreck-and-a-half.  I hashed out my comments in about a minute out of panic. To my surprise, my leaders later told my father that my comments were thoughtful and well spoken. I’ve always felt I do a poor job speaking publicly, but there are a couple of things that always help me through the experience:

·     Remember the Holy Spirit is with you

·     Pray for guidance

Remembering the Holy Spirit is on my side has helped me countless times when asked to give a prayer or a talk during sacrament meeting.  It may sound cliché, but when you take time to ponder the Holy Spirit as your literal companion, a personal comforter, it assists you an astronomical amount.  The feeling that somebody is with you, wanting you to succeed, gives you unparalleled courage you don’t normally have.

When I pray for guidance, it is an open invitation for the spirit to light the way. I love to pray before I go up in front of a crowd because if you open a door for the spirit to enter your life, He will gladly oblige.

If you’re ever feeling nervous about something, I urge you to follow these two steps to invite the Lord to assist you. I know He will, because He has helped me.

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