Don’t Cut Corners

by Karli

A friend recently shared this story with me:

Once there was a man’s son who wanted to start up a building company. The son’s dad had a friend who thought so much of his father, so he went to the boy and said,” I want you to build me a house. I want it to be built out of the finest materials. There is no budget. At the end of the project call me and I will write you a check.” So the boy went to work and started building the house; however, he cut corners. He spaced the studs out a little more than normal, used materials from other jobs, etc. As he pounded in the last used nail he called the man to tell him the house was done. When the man came over he wrote the check and handed the keys back to the son and said, “Here is the check. I am giving this house to you.”

As you can imagine the son probably felt very foolish.

This story really stood out to me because I know that a lot of times we try to find the “better way”, which often means the “easiest way”. However, this life is the time for us to build our own houses. The only difference is that we will present our houses to our Father in Heaven. So we must build the best houses we can build. DON’T CUT CORNERS!

For me, I see a lot of people cutting corners around guidance from our leaders. This happens a lot with dating. We think that we are almost 16 or that being 16 is just a suggestion. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I know that waiting till you are 16 is a super hard thing to do especially in high school with the dances. I love going to dances, they are my favorite part of high school but I didn’t go to my first dance until I was 16. It was really hard seeing all my friends go to dances without me. But I am so glad I waited because that just made prom sophomore year all the more special. I didn’t cut corners by saying I’m more mature then they think; I’m fine to date—I wasn’t. As I date now, I’ve realized that if you cut corners in dating you just cheat yourself and you don’t realize what you want in an eternal companion when the time comes.

Like the story says, in the end you are in charge of building your own house. Do not cheat yourself. Build the best house you can build. I know that I want to build the best house that I can build and I work hard every day to make that happen.

I know with all my heart that the gospel of Jesus Christ taught and lived in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints is true. I absolutely love the gospel and I feel so blessed to share little pieces of what I know to be true on this blog. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to come to this earth and be able to ‘build my own house.’ I’m going to make it the best one I can build. I hope you do too. Just remember–don’t cut corners.


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  1. Marilyn Barlow Reply

    Such a well thought out post. I know how hard it is to keep some of the directions given by our leaders. Once you make this decision to abide by the guidelines we are given the next one is easier to do. You are laying a great foundation and your light shines where ever you are. I love that you have posted this issue as it is so often compromised for one reason or another. Your comments are spot on. Way to go.

  2. MarJean Muhlestein Reply

    Karli your thoughtful blog is one of the first things we all need to learn how to do. Obedience is a principle of heaven, and you have learned that by being obedient brings down the blessings from heaven that await each one that desires to follow the prophets who speak for The Lord. Love You a Bunch!

  3. Mike baker Reply

    Great blog. It is hard to not cut corners. Thanks for your insight. This has really given me some insight into obedience. Thanks!

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