by Ryan

Last summer I had the opportunity to be a lifeguard. During lifeguard training I had to practice many life saving scenarios that I thought would never really happen. Up to that point the only thing I had seen lifeguards do was yell at people to walk or to not push people into the pool. I thought that would pretty much be the extent of my job. As you may have guessed, I was wrong.

One day when I was on duty I noticed a young girl unintentionally float into the deep end of the pool. When she realized where she was, she tried with all her might to swim back to safety, but she couldn’t. It became clear to me in that moment why my trainers had taken all that time to have me practice. I was able to jump in the water and bring her back to safety, knowing exactly what to do since I had practiced it so many times before.

I know that preparation was the key to me being ready for that day. But how do we prepare for trials that occur in everyday life? I believe I have found the answer to that as well, and that is to read the scriptures.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe in the Bible, and the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is another scripture that talks about Christ’s visit to America. We believe that like the Bible it contains the word of God. In these two scriptures, there are many stories about how people faced adversity and trials of their own. From these stories we are taught lessons of how God helps those who have faith in him. By consistently reading these stories, I feel that I become closer to God and more prepared for the trials that will come in my life.

In the Book of Mormon there is a story about a righteous man named Nephi. He had many challenges.  Nephi had to leave his home and everything he owned, save a few small provisions, to go out into the wilderness with his father. Nephi’s brothers were angry with God for asking them to leave their home. Because of this they were miserable. But Nephi had faith in the Lord and believed He would help him accomplish what needed to be done. Through this faith he accomplished many great things such as building a boat and finding food for his family. Nephi was a happy man. 

Reading the stories about how people like Nephi handled their trials is like practicing for trials of my own. I know that if I have faith like Nephi, my Father in Heaven will help me through the trials I have in my life. 

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  1. Kerri Reply

    I agree, scripture reading prepares us for life. Great reminder of how important reading the scriptures are.

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