Why Does God Give Us Commandments?

by Collin

One universal rule of hiking is to stay on the trail. Last summer, I was on a hike with a few of my cousins in a forest in West Virginia. Just a few yards off the trail that we were hiking, was a large vine hanging from a tree, perfect for swinging on. The five of us took our turns riding the vine, and pushing each other back and forth, each of us trying to swing higher and farther than the person before.

Eventually, a few other hikers walked up to us and asked, “You know that’s poison ivy, right?”

To us this vine had seemed harmless, and it was not far from the trail. We now knew that we had made a horrible mistake.

Trails are made to keep us safe. We may think that following and staying on a trail will only waste our time, because we could find a better route on our own. This is not the case. If we obey this one rule to stay on the trail, we can keep safe of hard obstacles and unforeseen dangers.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, we are given commandments and guidelines to follow. These guidelines are the trail we need to stay on to keep us safe. In our church, we are taught not to drink coffee or tea. Ladies should have one ear piercing, and men none at all. These are just a few examples of things we are advised to do by church authorities. Some may think these are ridiculous rules, but we can’t always see the danger that comes if we don’t abide by them.

Our Heavenly Father has a plan that includes this life and the life to come. Through modern day prophets and apostles, he teaches us and advises us. We need to have faith and to obey his commandments. Just like a parent knows of dangers hidden from a child, our Heavenly Father knows of obstacles that will lead us off of the right trail.

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  1. Tyler C. Reply

    Very good article! You have always been an inspiration to me, and I know you will be one to others! -Ty Cox

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