What do People do in Mormon Temples?

by Ben T.

Everybody looks at the jaw dropping beauty of the LDS temples, but do they know what the purpose of the building is? I’ve been asked questions by some of my friends who have been curious about what goes on inside the temple. I hadn’t really thought about it until then, and it makes sense that they would be curious. 

There are many reasons we choose to go to the beautiful buildings. Temples are a place of peace and worship where we make promises with Heavenly Father. Here are some of the main reasons people go to the temples. 

We do baptisms for the dead. This can sound kind of strange, but the purpose of this is to help family who have come before us and have passed away to receive ordinances that they will need to return back to our Heavenly Father’s presence.  We believe that baptism is essential for this.  We believe that deceased family members can choose to receive the ordinance if they want to. It is important to receive this ordinance if you want to be with our Heavenly Father again. This is one of the things I most often do when I go to the temple. I am not yet old enough for the other temple services but I love going to the temple to do baptisms for my family.

Another reason we go to the temple is to make covenants or promises. We make promises to our Heavenly Father that will affect our relationship with him. A main event that happens at the temples are sealings. This is one of my favorite things about the temple! When a husband and wife are married to each other in the temple, they are sealed to each other along with their kids and other family members. This means that if we live worthily, our relationships with them can continue forever even after our life here on earth. This is very important to us and such a meaningful part of our church. 

Temple work is a very important part of our church. We are working on hitting 170 temples in the world and are only 12 away! In Utah we are so blessed with the amount of temples we have and the opportunity it gives us to serve our lord. I am so thankful for these special buildings, and feel we are so lucky to have so many of them nearby. We need to really appreciate these beautiful buildings by doing His work. I know that if we do we can live a happier life and get closer to our Father in Heaven.

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  1. Kerri Oakeson Reply

    Ben – you are right! The temple is our main link to heaven. The work in temples connect us to our heavenly family.

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