The Beauty of the Temple

by Lincoln 

HawaiiMany people wonder what life after earth is like. Some believe in heaven and hell. Others believe there is nothing. Many people aren’t sure. But I know that through the blessings of the temple, families can be sealed together for time and all eternity.

Here on earth, God has commanded for there to be temples built all across the world. Temples are the most sacred and special buildings to our Heavenly Father, and within their walls, we are able to make eternal promises with Him. One of these sacred ordinances includes eternal marriage between a man and a woman. In the temple, couples are married not just for this life, but forever. The children that are born to them are also sealed to them. This means that if we are faithful to the covenants we have made to God, our family relationships will continue even after we die.

SanDiegoThe blessings and power of temples are special in many ways. Not only are temples a special place, but they are also some of the prettiest buildings in the world. There is a peace that you can feel when you go there. If you are not of our faith, you are still welcome to visit the temple grounds and feel that peace for yourself.

Families are the most important part of the church. God has commanded us as His children to marry, and have families of our own. I can’t wait to be able to begin a family of my own, and I hope to make and keep covenants that I will make with God.

SaltLakeAlready in my life, I have been able to see the ways the Lord has blessed me for attending the temple regularly. I have made it a goal to go to the temple as often as I can, and I try to go once a week. I know that even on the weeks I don’t get to go to the temple, I have to still remain worthy to go. The peace and spirit I feel in the temple are like no other, and I know that the work that I do there is helping to bring forth God’s work. Elder Richard G Scott has instructed us, “Schedule a regular time to be in the temple. Don’t let anyone or anything prevent you from being there.”

 I believe that through the power of being sealed in the temple, we will be able to live with our families again in heaven after death. I am grateful that God has blessed us with them. I love to see the temple! 

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  1. Don Allred Reply

    Your article reminded me of the way I feel about the temple and the way we are blessed as families.

  2. Nathan Reply

    I love the temple. I always feel like I step into heaven when I enter. Thank you for blog post.

  3. Heidi Reply

    The temples are beautiful inside and out. I am a convert to the church. I hope to have my son sealed to me one day.

  4. Marilyn Reply

    great post. I also share your thoughts and feelings on the temple. Your temple attendance speaks for itself.

  5. Doris Reply

    I too love the temple and all that it stands for. The Temple is an intricate part of my life.

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