How Can Serving Others Benefit Everyone?

by Ben T.

Winter is coming up, and it is the season of giving. When I think of winter I also think of snow. This season also brings along great duties. Some neighborhood kids and I go and snow shovel peoples driveways that may need it during this time. I always thought it was troublesome to shovel snow knowing that it would snow again the next day. I often asked myself if the people even cared.

One day me and my friend were asked to go shovel this elderly couple’s driveway.   We got to the house and quickly got to work. We were about to head home when we heard someone calling out to us. It was the lady who lived there. She had quickly ran out of her door and called to us again. When we walked over there she handed us some chocolate. She said it wasn’t much but she was so grateful for us. I then realized how special it was to serve others, even when you feel like they don’t care. I walked home knowing that I not only served that couple, but also helped served my Father in Heaven.

There are plenty of ways people can serve others. In today’s world everyone is so busy minding their own business. We need to take the time to serve others. We might make excuses that we are too busy, but this is not true. Something small that may seem insignificant to you can be a big deal to someone else.  

Snow shoveling is one way that you can serve with the holidays coming up. There are many other ways you can serve too. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving away money either. Help others in a way that will benefit them. I know that if you serve whenever there is opportunity you will feel pure happiness and benefit from it greatly.

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