“If You Love Me, Keep My Commandments”

by Karli

As a teenager obedience is a hard thing. Teenagers are known for wanting to be right and I can tell you that I love when I am right.

Keeping the commandments can be a hard thing for teens to do because we think we know what’s best for us. We learn obedience by example so if you are the only friend that keeps the commandments all your friends will see how you are acting and they will start to want to follow your example.

A great example of this is our Savior Jesus Christ. He never worried about what someone would say. He always knew what Heavenly Father wanted Him to do so He wasn’t going to settle for anything less. He is a great example to me on how to be obedient even if what you need to do is really difficult.

Keeping the commandments is one way we can be obedient and show our Heavenly Father that we love and respect Him. Some commandments are easier to keep than others – this can depend on the person. Personally for me an easy one for me to keep is thou shall not kill.  That one is pretty easy because I don’t really have any intention to kill someone. One that can be a little harder for me to keep can be to keep the Sabbath day holy. I always hear about how much fun my friends had when they hung out on Sunday and all the fun stuff they did, and being a teenager I really wish I could go and participate in their fun. In these cases I always try to remember that I show my love to my Father in Heaven by keeping this commandment even though it is sometimes hard for me to keep.


Some of the things that we are commanded to do we don’t understand why we have to do them, but we can always trust that the Lord is giving us this commandment to help us out in the end. A great example of this was the pioneers. They didn’t understand why they had to make this hard trek to the west, but they never doubted that the Lord was doing this to protect and help them.

I just want to bear my testimony that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true and I am so blessed to have something that I can always depend on. I love my Savior and I am so grateful for the example that He set for me while He was here on earth. I am trying to learn to keep the commandments now so I can grow and become closer to Him.

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  1. MarJean Muhlestein Reply

    Karli, I love your thoughts on obedience. Obedience is the FIRST law of heaven. And the greatest commandment of all time is to Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind and strength (paraphrased). He gave His life for us, and by being obedient to His laws we show that we LOVE HIM and that we are striving to return to live with Him again. AND there is no “other” way. He lives, He loves, He has a Plan. Thanks Karli for reminding us of our responsiblities.
    Gr-ma M

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